Chef’s Utensils
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Chef’s Utensils
STUBAI Chefs Utensils to complete your set. No kitchen is complete without the right utensils for food prep. Get great offer on these utensils.
STUBAI Butchers Steel (Sharpening Steel)STUBAI Butchers Steel (Sharpening Steel)Also called a honing steel or sharpening steel, the STUBAI Butcher's Steel is used to maintain or restrore a knife's sharpness between sharpenings. Knives may be honed regularly, even daily, without significant wear on the knife.
STUBAI Carving ForkSTUBAI Carving ForkForged stainless steel. Heat sealed, and dishwasher safe. The perfect tool for holding a larger cut of poultry or meat like a roast for carving.
STUBAI Chefs RollSTUBAI Chefs RollA varitey of handy STUBAI kitchen knives and utensils in a portable roll perfect for the travelling chef.
STUBAI SpatulaSTUBAI SpatulaThe STUBAI Spatula is stainless steel and has a long, thin, flat blade. Spatulas are used for flipping, stirring and mixing during cooking.
STUBAI Utensil RollSTUBAI Utensil RollA handy mix of STUBAI utensils in a portable chef's roll.
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